Privacy Policy

以下美国营销协会(sbf111胜博发 Minnesota)明尼苏达州分会隐私政策适用于sbf111胜博发 Minnesota网站 and all of the chapter's social media channels. We are committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how we gather and use the information that we collect from you. By using this website, YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Privacy Policy

sbf111胜博发 Minnesota is committed to protecting your personal information.

What We Collect

When you register with us, we collect selected limited information. First, the site collects contact information such as your name, e-mail address, mailing address, and phone and fax numbers. Second, the site collects information about the type of work you do (i.e. advertising, marketing research, student, etc.) and your marketing responsibilities.

How We Use the Information

We use your information to provide you with a better experience at our site.

Access Privileges

我们使用注册期间收集的信息来验证您是否有权访问sbf111胜博发明尼苏达州sbf胜博发登录的内容, and that you qualify for various sbf111胜博发-and sbf111胜博发 Minnesota-member discounts and promotions.

Site navigation

In order to guide you to relevant content on the site, 网站注册的个人信息用于建立个人主页. For example, 市场研究人员的个人主页包括市场研究最佳实践论文的链接, articles, and other such resources.

Use of IP Address


Site Monitoring & Maintenance

我们使用您的注册信息来衡量网站各个部分的用户流量. This information is used on an aggregate 仅限级别,网站不会记录任何单个用户查看的特定内容.


We operate a Career Center that enables you to store your resume in our database. When you create a resume, you have the option of making the resume searchable or non-searchable and confidential or non-confidential. Not allowing your resume to be searchable means that you can use it to apply for a job online, 但雇主和招聘人员将无法通过我们的简历数据库产品搜索到它. If you choose to make your resume searchable, 然后,所有付费访问我们的简历数据库产品的雇主和招聘人员都可以访问您的简历. In addition to making your resume searchable or non-searchable, you may designate specific information contained within your resume as confidential. 这些机密信息不会与搜索简历数据库的雇主和招聘人员分享,也不会与你提交简历的人分享.

我们尽最大努力只允许付费雇主访问简历数据库, recruiters, hiring managers, and human resource professionals, but cannot guarantee that other parties will not, without our consent, gain access to this database. You may remove your resume from our searchable database at any time. However, employers and recruiters who have paid for access to the database, and other parties who have otherwise gained access to the database, may have retained a copy of your resume in their own files or databases. We are not responsible for the retention, use, or privacy of resumes in these instances, or for the use or privacy of resumes by any of such parties while resumes are in the database.


我们提供各种各样的产品和服务,这些产品和服务可以直接提供, through an affiliate acting on our behalf, or by third 我们已从我们的网站与之建立链接,以便向您提供其产品和服务的各方.

E-Commerce Transactions

When you place an order online with us, 您的个人信息和信用卡信息使用行业标准的SSL(安全)进行加密 Sockets Layer) encryption technology before being sent over the Internet. Although we cannot guarantee encryption or the privacy of your personal details and credit card information, SSL使得您的信息在传输时很难被窃取或拦截.

sbf111胜博发 Minnesota Memberships & Registration at sbf111胜博发 Minnesota Conferences

与我们进行的信用卡交易(包括活动和会议注册)是加密的. All credit card information we retain is compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards, and does not leave our network.

User Convenience/Affiliate Partners

我们的网站包含指向选定附属合作伙伴的链接(由“powered by”标识指定). In some circumstances, we will forward to our affiliates information to pre-register our users on the affiliate’s site. This is done to reduce the number of clicks for users, or to qualify users for various promotional benefits (discounts, etc.).

Affiliate Partners Sites/Trusted Service Providers

附属合作伙伴在电子商务交易期间负责自己的政策和程序. Review the Affiliate Partners' policies regarding e-commerce transactions on any Affiliate Partner’s site. We are not responsible for products and services transactions that are conducted at any third party websites.

我们也可能雇佣其他公司和个人代表我们履行某些职能. Examples of such services include fulfilling orders, delivering packages, sending postal mail and e-mail, removing repetitive information from customer lists, analyzing data, providing marketing assistance (including direct and targeted marketing), processing credit card payments, and providing customer service. These Trusted 服务提供商可以访问执行其功能所需的选定个人信息, but may not use it for other purposes. In certain circumstances, 我们可能会与需要访问您的信息以提供运营或服务的可信服务提供商共享您的客户信息 other support services. 我们也可能根据适用法律向监管机构和执法官员提供信息 or when we otherwise believe in good faith that the law requires it.

您在网站注册或注册成为我们的sbf胜博发登录时所收集的个人信息不会出售给第三方 e-mail marketing or telemarketing campaigns.


Advertisers on our website, which may include traditional banner-style ads, listings in directories, or advertisements in the newsletter, are responsible for their own policies and procedures during e-commerce transactions. We recommend that you review the advertiser's policy regarding e-commerce transactions on such advertiser sites. 我们不负责在广告商进行的产品和服务交易 websites.

Use of Cookies

When you view our website we might store some information on your computer. This information will be in the form of a "cookie" or similar file. Cookies are small pieces of information, collected by a web browser and stored on your hard drive, not on our site. Cookies do not spy on you 或者以其他方式侵犯你的隐私,他们不能侵入你的硬盘和绿色信息. Rather, they help you navigate a website more easily.

We use cookies to enhance your experience in using our website, display registered user names on their Personal Home Page, confirm users’ access rights to certain “access restricted” areas of the site, display their content preferences, and improve search functionality. We also use cookies to track visitor traffic by visitor type (aggregated, not individual) for the purpose of understanding what content users find most valuable.

Because we use cookies, we can deliver faster service, consistent, updated results, and a more personalized site experience. You have the option of setting your browser to reject cookies. 但是,这样做会影响性能并对您在我们网站上的体验产生负面影响.

Public Forum

This website may make public chat rooms, forums, message boards, news groups and/or social media channels available to you from time to time. 我们可能会对此类公共区域的内容和活动施加单独的使用条款. Further, we may monitor and/or edit posts to those areas. 请记住,在这些地区披露的任何信息都将成为公共信息,您在决定时应谨慎行事 whether to disclose any personal information.




This website has industry standard security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. While there is no such thing as "perfect security" on the Internet, we will take reasonable steps to insure the safety of your personal information.

E-Mail Communications from the sbf111胜博发 Minnesota

我们提供教育项目和活动,可能对个人营销人员开发新技能或推进他们的职业生涯有用. Information from registration is used to determine whom to contact, typically via e-mail, with an invitation to participate.

对于我们的电子邮件通信,sbf111胜博发明尼苏达sbf胜博发登录,amaminnesota的注册用户.org and other sbf111胜博发 customers (Users) may opt out at any time by using the “Unsubscribe” mechanism within the e-mail, 它允许电子邮件收件人管理他们关于sbf111胜博发明尼苏达的订阅偏好 e-newsletters, e-mail alerts and special offers. 此机制不允许用户选择不接收事务性电子邮件,例如 registration confirmation, product, service, or membership benefit updates, and responses to direct requests.

Changes to subscription preferences will be updated immediately, but it may take up to 14 days for the changes to be active, during which time sbf111胜博发 Minnesota members, site registrants, and customers may still receive emails.

请注意,此机制不允许用户选择不接收由sbf111胜博发操作的任何电子邮件. See “E-Mail Communications from sbf111胜博发” section on managing your sbf111胜博发 communications.

E-Mail Communications from sbf111胜博发

For email communications produced and delivered by sbf111胜博发 national headquarters, sbf111胜博发 Minnesota members may opt out at any time by updating their 可通过sbf111胜博发网站www上的“我的个人资料”订阅中心访问 As a local chapter, we are not responsible for the creation, delivery, or management of “Unsubscribe” processes for the national headquarters.

美国医学协会全国总部全权负责实施和管理允许美国医学协会明尼苏达分会sbf胜博发登录退订和订阅的程序 重新订阅国家sbf111胜博发电子邮件通信,并负责自己完全遵守联邦电子邮件通信法规.

Links to Other Websites

This Website contains links to other websites. sbf111胜博发明尼苏达州和非营利解决方案不负责隐私做法或 content of such websites. If you want to know the privacy policies of the other websites, please refer to the organization sponsoring such website.


By registering on the site or registering for a sbf111胜博发 Minnesota event, you expressly consent to our collection and use of personally identifiable information according to this Privacy Policy. 我们或我们指定的网站合作伙伴可能会使用这些信息向您发送信息和 services that we think will be useful to you.

Opting Out of Receiving Communications

您可以通过订阅功能(位于我们电子邮件的页脚)选择不接收我们的通信。. Access to the 订阅功能不需要sbf111胜博发明尼苏达sbf胜博发登录或网站注册帐户.

We allow you to correct or update your online information. Unfortunately, to the extent that such information is also stored in other 数据库,我们不能总是确保这些更正或删除将到达其他数据库. We will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that your information is removed from or corrected in our records.

How to Contact Us

You can contact us by using the Contact Us form.